Monday, June 13, 2011

Inventory Basics

Here's what I do for inventory. First - get all ( or as many as I can books back from students and teachers.
Second- read shelves and get books in the right order. This is helpful if your system needs correct shelf order- luckily I can turn my shelf checking off. I know some systems you can choose how specific you want the shelf checking to be- so if you have that advantage do your self a favor and just check so that it picks up the wrong category or at the very least down to the 10's ( a range of 10 off I mean- example : it will beep if there is a 630 book in the 641.5).
Third: Print out a sheet of your different holdings codes. Get your self a pad of paper and decided which you will do first. choose a small section to begin with. Write down date, time, and section you are scanning.
Fourth: Begin scanning. Keep track /mark if you must stop for any reason. Hopefully your scanner will be working better than the one I am using . It doesn't beep for each title- so I must watch the screen. It does however do a loud sound when there is a mistake- being the barcode did not scan or the book is in the wrong holdingscode. More steps to follow. Questions? Does any one have to do inventory the old fashion way- with a shelf list from the Card Catalog?? I hope not!

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