Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Article for Newsletter- Part 1

This is the first part of the newsletter that I had sent into our PR person last week. They are doing an 'Educational Issues" letter and wanted some input for that issue. I am always happy to do this because it gives information about what we do in the library

Sullivan West Elementary Library – Reading and learning is where it’s at!
For District News letter

At Sullivan West Elementary School, students and staff have access to two libraries for their use. Each library has colorful displays of posters and books to encourage and excite students about books, learning, and reading. The ’39 library is used primarily by students in grades PK-3. Students in grades 4-6 use the ’94 library which is next to the computer room on the first floor.

Classes and Learning
Students in grades PK- 3 have library classes once very six days. (We are on a 6 day A-F cycle). Mrs. Hector, SW library teacher’s assistant, holds K-3 classes and provides students with read a-louds, library extension activities, and book check out.
Mrs. Couture, School Library Media Specialist, works primarily in the 4-6 library. She teaches fourth grade classes with a fixed scheduled. They learn about different genres, arrangement of books, use of print reference tools, on line card catalog, online Databases, and research skills. On a flexible schedule, Mrs. Couture works with the teachers in grades 5 and 6 to integrate library and technology skills based research into ELA, science, and social studies curriculum. Students also check out books, and use the library computers to do word processing and projects.

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