Thursday, January 19, 2012

Article for Newsletter- Part 2

Here is the second section of my article for the school

Library Website

Students at SW elementary do not have to be in the physical library to receive some of the library services. The library website has information and links to the online card catalog so that students may see what books are available in the library. There are also links to the online databases provided by the district and also SC BOCES. ( World Book, Grolier, ect) Students can use these reliable links in their search for accurate information for school projects and personal interest.
Other links on the Website for student use are a library blog and the library wall wisher where students can leave comments and conversations about books.
The VoiceThreads link is where students can produce book commercials and book promotions of library books they have read or research they have conducted on a project.
There is also a student favorite portal that Mrs. Couture has developed over many years. This portal has many links to websites useful to students and staff.

Reading Motivation Programs

At SW Elementary, the library staff hold at least two annual reading challenges. The Caldecott Challenge is a 3rd grade reading grade reading challenge. For one month, students are to read ( or be read to) as many Caldecott Award Winning books as possible. The student and their parents keep track of books read. If there is a class where all students participate and read at least twelve tiles, the class receives a Pizza Party. Prizes are also given to the reader from each class that reads the most Caldecott Books.

The Battle of the Books is a team reading challenge for students in grades 4-6. Teams are formed in October. Students begin reading and keeping tack of 30 titles on the list. At the end of March, the first round is held where questions about each book are given. Teams with the Highest score go on to a second round, where a wining team and runners up are declared.
In the 94 library, (grade 4-6), there is a Student Starred Books Shelf. These are books that students give stars to because they have enjoyed them and they would recommend them to other students to read. Students like to recommend books and also can grab a quick book that they know will be a good one.

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