Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Grade- collaborative lesson!

I had my intro class with my First grade class. I went into the room and set up our library's web page. The steps to get to the Data base was shown . Students were also told that if they had computer and internet they could get here from home. Log in was completed, and then students were shown how to select there level. On the main search page, one student was asked what his animal was. Then we did some " higher level thinking" to figure out what we should click on to find that animal.

We then looked and found the animal in the list and clicked on that . Students were shown the different headings. Students were also shown a graphic organizer that I had developed for them to fill in. The students were also shown the side where they could print out a labeling chart of the animal.

On the smart board we went back to the Main search page, and did some more higher order thinking to figure out where some of the other students might click on to find their animal.
Tomorrow the students will come to my library - in two groups- and work on my bank of computers. We will have two adults beside myself that will be able to assist with the task of finding facts on their animal!

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  1. Are you using a specific recording sheet for your first graders? I'm getting ready to start a project like this to help out my first grade teachers for a book that they writing with their students.