Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Borrowing Books on my Tablet!

It our Easter / Spring break ! Back in November I got a Pandigital Tablet which is really cool !  It can do a bunch of things- surf the web, buy and read books/ samples from Barnes & Noble, games, photos, facebook.
But just this week I finally figured out how to borrow books from my one local library!  That is really Cool!!
Anyway  first I had to download Adobe reader. Then I downloaded the Freading app.  The books are listed there and I have three weeks to read them and then they disappear. You can renew them if need be.
  Now all I have to do is figure out how to borrow from my other local Library- ( That is the advantage of living on the border close to two states)I think it is the same deal but for some reason I can't log in.  I am actually reading Adult books over this break. Not to worry - I 'll be back to my favorite- children and tweens come next week when we go back to school.

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