Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Inventory Time Again!

     Yes it is inventory time again- well almost. Today was the last day for students to check out books. All our books are due by May 31st.  This gives us time to print our over dues and get them to the Students. There are students that have VERY VERY overdue books.  These students are not allowed to take out any more books- even this week.
    We have begun reading shelves. In my book  ( The Organized Librarian)there is a whole chapter on organizing  the reading and inventory process. We read shelvess while we are shelving books or when we come to a shelf that needs it.
     Many of the shelves are pretty good, many are really out of order. It just depends how much the shelf is used by the students.  What really takes the most time is shifting the books so that all the books fit on the shelves.  We really need more shelving in both libraries , but I know that is not going to happen anytime soon.
   While I am reading shelves, and shelving books,  I look for books that are obviously out of date, falling apart, and ugly. Then I usually check the stats on the circulation system to see : how old the item is( if nonfiction - is it accurate?,  how many times it has been checked out- do we need to replace with the same item or an up to date book)  These questions help me decide if I should pull the book and discard it, or write down the title/subject to order for next year.

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