Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Steps to Inventory

 We are still working towards doing inventory. The books are due but not all in yet. Teachers still have books out that they are using. So besides shelving and reading, the next thing I will do is overdue notices to teachers for student books. I will also send an email to staff asking that all books they are not using be returned to the library so they can be inventoried when we are scanning.
  I also just "ordered"  from our tech person, our two carts with laptops or computers and speakers. We are lucky enough to have wireless and can use the system right at the shelf. It 'beeps'  if there is a problem with the item scanned and the screen tells what the problem is.  This is a long way from what inventory used to be - even when  the first technology came along- we had to upload our scans to the main computer, and print out and them check for problems. Hurray for updated Technology!

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