Saturday, June 30, 2012

What does an Administrator want from a Librarian? - Collaborator

        What else does an Administrator want from a librarian?     How does the librarian effect the whole school?  By collaborating with faculty and students , the librarian can  help establish  new ways to provide student learning and excellence.
         A library media specialist is collaborator who works with students and teachers.  For the best results in educating students ( and also increase/maintain test scores), librarians work with teacher in planing, instructing, and evaluating learning.
          In collaborating with teachers, librarians integrate information skills and literacy skills into classroom learning. This is by far the most efficient way for students to learn them. With time  and  consistency , the students will see connections to using library resources  and find out how helpful these skills are to  learning and finding out new facts and ideas.
        Being a collaborative partner with the staff  helps both the teacher and the student. The librarian is the extra pair of hands , eyes, and ears. The teacher is not working alone.  Whether lessons are done in whole groups or divided up in smaller groups, students have more individualized  learning . Problems  and questions are more likely to be caught and corrected. Attention given to students will be more concentrated .
         A collaborative lesson is  designed by both teacher and librarian  provides more opportunity  for successful learning and achievement .

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