Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Administrators want from their Librarian

What Administrators want from their Librarian- continued from Saturday

      As librarians  we are leaders in our schools. Although we are leading from the middle, we need to be active in many aspects of the school community.  Many administrators do no see us as leaders but we need to start being more involved with student learning. With the emphasis on the Common Core, this is the perfect time for us to stand up and begin  to show our presence and importance . Get active on school committees  and building initiatives.   Think of this and let me know what you do to be a visable force in your school.     
    How can Librarians lead from the middle? Librarians can be leaders in many ways. By  maintaining their collections and bringing new resources to teachers we are support people. But by assisting with lessons and helping develop  units and lessons to revolve around the common core ( or whatever latest buzz words in the educational scene) we begin to offer ourselves as  leaders in the educational scene of the school.
    Also by infusing new technology  and web 2.0 tools into our lessons , and teaching teachers to use these new tools we also begin to show how  librarians change the school community. Start with your classes , and then branch out - try something with just one or two other willing teachers. Their success will provide you with either others asking you to do the same, and word will get out that you are a collaborator. 
   Plan a short  speech about what you have done for your next faculty meeting, and offer to help with others. Showcase your website or one of your databases at another meeting.  Keep it going- Be visible, be vocal about what you can do to help teachers and students.  Be a leader!

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