Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Does An Adminstrator Want from a Librarian ( Part 2)

     What does an administrator want and expect from a librarian?  A librarian traditionally is a resource specialists. They are trained to assist and teach the location of resources for both staff and student  needs. Whether there is a large project or just a quick question, librarians keep at their fingertips a wealth of print and electronic resources that can get their patrons answers and information they need.
     There is an old saying " You know everything" but librarians do not know everything. But we should know where to find out  any kind of question.
    As a resource specialist , the librarian  helps support the schools/ patrons needs. This  help involves supporting instruction. This information will assist patrons make informed decisions.
    To this task  of being a resource specialist, administrators need to remember that allowing for an adequate budget . This will be necessary for the librarian to complete that mission.  Librarians cannot provide resources that they do not have. If we want our students to be literate then we need to provide substantial resources .  This is an item which can be discussed with the administrator.

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