Friday, August 24, 2012

What we need for our students- Part 4

        In the 21st century  students will  need  many technology  skills. Students  and staff can use WallWisher to  provide comments and thoughts on books being read,  questions about topics and subject areas of study, and  new ideas and new knowledge learned and shared..  Students love to use wall wisher. Once you show them how it works,  some will go on and make their own wall to share  thoughts and knowledge with their classmates and friends.
       On our library website we use Wallwisher to get students to comment about books read, ask questions about books, and recommend books they have read.
      There is so much you can do with Wallwisher- you just need to poke around the main page and you will see just some  of the possibilities.  Once you have taught the students and staff how you use Wall Wisher then- just get ready to create. Students and teachers can make notices ( for classroom- assignments, sports, ect), post messages, hold discussions, brainstorm ideas,  collect feedback, bookmark favorite sites , and teach concepts and have students complete assignments.
     Does any one use WallWisher? What do you use it for? Any new ideas that you can share? Please comment here and share your ideas.


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