Friday, November 30, 2012

Library Vocabulary Words- Part 3

            Are you using your Library Vocabulary / Signage in your library?  I use mine as a word wall on one of the bulletin boards in the library. This makes it easy to add to and change. On the top I just have  the words  LIBRARY WORD WALL.     The students are used to having many word walls in the classroom.
           Another thing I do is keep a listing of library vocabulary words with each of the library curriculum by grade level.    So I know which words go with each grade, but I do not limit the students or myself when talking about the  vocabulary.
             A fun thing to do with some of the words is to make flash cards with photos. The photos can be either placed on the same side as the term or on the opposite side ( if you do this then you can use the cards also for a concentration game.
           Some other options for the vocabulary are:

 1. Vocabulary Bingo- make up  bingo sheets with the terms on the bingo chart.   Make the center with the free spot. You can get creative  with  the letters up top or you can just use Bingo letters. Call out the defination and students need to mark the correct term.   Younger students can work in pairs if you wish. You might want to offer small prizes like a book mark or pencil .

2.  I have Who Has?-  make up cards with definations and terms. The game goes I like this:  On each card you will put I have  and Who Has. The first person reads the Who Has.  (Example  Who has :  the person who writes the words in a book?    The student who has the Term Author  will read  : I have Author- and then go on to read what their    card says for the question (Who  Has : The person who makes the pictures?)
The student who has Illustrator will read  and say I have Illustrator- then who has - with the next question.


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