Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Technology Tools- Wired Wednesday

  Hi All,
     To those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I send best wishes and rest to your homes this season. Enjoy  your friends and family!
     A great site that I have discovered is Read Kiddo Read. James Patterson posted this site to encourage boys ( as well as girls ) to read.  If you haven't read  Middle School The Worst Years of my Life , read it and you will be reminded of  your middle school years and you will laugh- kids love this book.

     He believes that  it is the mainly the parents job to encourage and interest their children to read more . 

The hard part is finding books that your children will love.  So this site is sort of like a book finder for parents and kids.   There are also some articles for parents . But for educators it is a gold mind-  featured books and lessons to go with it!  There are author interviews, lessons, newsletters,  and more! Definitely check this out  over your break! You will be impressed!

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