Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Technology Tools- Wired Wednesday

         This site Writing Fix is amazing and very useful for librarians and especially teachers.  This is a free source  from Northern  Nevada and has been in existence for 10 years.  There are hundreds of  writing lessons with many have links to children books that have inspired the lessons.  These lessons can be use by teachers and librarians in the quest to help students love to write and be better writers.
         Also there are daily writing prompts, lessons of the month and  techniques for teaching writing. The other items  are curriculum area books:  science, , math writing about reading, history. This site is useful for students in grades K-12. 
         An additional link on this  site to check out  Writing Lesson Ning.  The link  to get to this is on the right . Instructions are given where you can join the site to receive lessons each month.
          Both of these sites are very interesting and helpful. I think you and your staff will love them and find them to be very useful.

 Writing Fix

Writing Lesson Ning

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