Monday, December 10, 2012

Information Expert Part 2

          As the information expert in your school / library , you have the obligation  to provide the most up to date and accurate information for your patrons / students .  You will want a variety of search tools that can be used both in the physical building and also by electronic devices.
          Your online card catalog should be up to date and hopefully easy for your patrons/ students to use.  Provide classes of course for students and instruction for pantos in the use of this resource.  You might also put up posters or other printed / labeled material that will show patrons how to use and then find the books they need.
         Other search tools may also be reference books  and nonfiction books in your physical library. There are many times in your patrons/ students quest that looking in a book for an answer will be quick and easy.
          I am a firm believer that students should still learn about the Encyclopedias, Almanacs, and  Atlases and how to use them. Even adults will find that they can  look  up something quickly  in a print resource.
         On to the electronic resources- hopefully in your library you will have a bank of computers for patron/student use.  These computers provide a great equalizer for many who still do not have and cannot afford a computer with internet in the home.   These computers can provide online data bases and online encyclopedias for finding needed information.

         Another discussion for another day will be types of electronic sources  and other search tools you might to provide for your students/ patrons.

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