Monday, January 7, 2013

Managing magazines in libraries- part two

      As mentioned in the previous blog, we are discussing how libraries manage magazines.   Many libraries both school and public  libraries circulate magazines . There are a couple ways to do this of course.
     One would be to simply have cards and write the title, month, and year at the top. When the borrower wants the magainie , he/she would just sign  the card. Then file it and when returned cross off the name.
      In our computer world there is also the tech way. If you do not have a large circulating magazine collection, one way would be to place a bar code on a card . When a patron wants a magazine , simply scan the card under the persons name and then add ( on the fly as many circ programs have the capability) the title and month/year of the magazine.   When returned , just scan in and keep the card for the next time a magazine is wanted.
      The other tech way which is more labor intensive but easier in the long run would be to place on each magazine a barcode and put the information into the computer when it arrives. In that way the  person at the circ desk can just scan it and the patron/ student is good to go.  Again on check in- just scan the magazine and return to the magazine shelf.

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