Monday, March 11, 2013

Organization in the library

       Libraries are naturally organized- mainly the books and resources. The key to  successful  and seamless library programs / tasks is  the organization of everything else.  If you are organized them you will have more time and get more done.  So lets get started!

      You  may have paper, catalog, files , and you may be  overloaded with these types of items floating around your library and office . Do you have stacks of folders? The best way to attack them is to set aside time each day to go through and decided what to do with all of those files, papers, catalogs,  and items lying around.

     Start with three folders or baskets or bins. Mark each one with : TO DO NOW, TO DO LATER,
TO FILE .  Take some file folders.. Also take a trash/ recycling bin.

     Bring  with you a pen, and sticky notes.  As you look at each item/ paper/ file  decide where it should go. Make an immediate decision. Scan though it .  At this time, you can place a sticky note  for the item to be placed in a specific file,

     If you glance at a catalog and see something you might purchase at a later date, mark it with a sticky note  and file it in a folder marked : Possible Purchase.    I also keep a catalog file( noted in The Organized Librarian  ) of catalogs that I refer to on a yearly basis.

    Put each item in the bin/basket/file  if you intend to keep the item .  If it is not needed put in the trash or recycling bin.  If you take 15 -20 minutes each day, in no time you will have your papers /files in order and your library  more organized and efficient.

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