Saturday, March 23, 2013

Organizing your Office-

       Maintaining a neat  and organized office workspace is an ongoing process.   You should never think that you are organized  and that is the end.The initial  organizing will be the most work , but you can begin seeing improvement after a few sessions.  When you think you are done , then you will be on a maintenance schedule  similar to  keeping your house work  done.
      If  you have read my blog on 3/11/13 about Organization in the Library, and files and piles and have started to begin this process then you are on your way. By now your library will be looking and feeling more organized and you will be getting more work done  and feeling better and better.
    Let's look at some other areas of your office and library where you might want to be more efficient. Look at an office supply catalog ( print or online ) When you do you will so many organizing tools.  If there is a spot or area that needs redoing , look for ways that organizing tools could help you accomplish that task.

   Where you do keep your files?  Do you have adequate file space? Are the files in order?  Keep your file with your current to do and daily activities close to where you work.  Other files that are needed can be kept close to your desk.  Files that are needed but not looked at daily can be kept in another file cabinet .  ( I call them my historical files)

    Develop and keep a consistent naming system for both your  print and computer files. ( See The Organized Librarian book)   This will help you to easily find and retrieve the information and files you need .

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