Friday, March 8, 2013

Steps To Managing a Library - Planning


       Managing a library is about  producing and coordinating  multiple  functions and tasks.  Functions involving planning, organizing,   controlling, and leading are all part of managing a library and its programs.  As librarians we need to make many decisions about how the library is run, organized, and maintained.  In many respects we are like administrators  , managing the  library , in a similar way that they manage the school.

      One of the first functions is planning on what the library ( and its programs)  will accomplish. That is what we have done  in preparing and   developing the mission statement and the goals / objectives of the library.

      Planning will be something that will take time and special thought.  While we did take time with the mission and the goals, they will lead us to better planning of programs and procedures. At each stage , we can  compare them to  our mission and goals to see if they coincide.
     Planning also is the step that if best if done before jumping into action.  Why? Well because if we plan an activity, a procedure book, a program, lessons, or almost anything, we are more than likely to accomplish what we set out to do and also do it more efficiently . 
   How to Plan:  Take a blank sheet of paper. Start with the desired outcome at the bottom of the sheet.  Think and jot down notes: what steps do you need to do to get there?  Does this plan and the outcome coincide with our mission and goals?. Will this activity further our mission and goals?

  To me planning is thinking on paper. I like to write everything down and see the steps and see what I will do before jumping into action,

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