Friday, March 1, 2013

Using goals and mission statement daily

   Now that you have your mission and objective/ goals, it is time to use them on a daily basis. If you work each day without clear goals and missions, you will not get as much accomplished as you would like.  If your missions and goals are posted in your library and office  , you will be reminded of the important things you need to do.

   So either before you leave for work each day, or first thing in the morning, make a to do list of no more than 5 items to accomplish. This simple act will provide focus and then closure.  Check these five items with your goals and mission statement. Make sure that what you plan will further your steps towards your goals and mission. This also allows you to complete items that are high on the priority list, and  disregard the tasks that do not make a big difference to you mission.

     Keep the list in a prominent place( on your desk, on a clipboard, in your planner) where you will see it as you are working. Check each item off when you are done.  While it  may  take a while to get used to this technique, it will bring you to accomplish your missions and goals.  It will provide a sense of satisfaction in seeing tasks completed and your mission becoming part of your daily program.

    Preparing this simple list each day will help you become more focused and more aware of what is really important to your library.  By making this list you will also get much more accomplished  to further your mission of your library.

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