Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wired Wednesday- Technology Tools

    Having readers make book trailers  is a great motivator for continued reading among all students. Students promoting books provides skill practice in many areas ( reading, writing, organizing, analyzing, just to name a few).  Book trailers for readers can be in many forms,  many of the sites we have mentioned in this blog can be used to make book trailers, or posts  about favorite books,
   One site that is wonderful for this is :

   Michelle Harderode, teacher librarian , has developed this  site. On it you can find  book trailers she has produced, and also student produced book trailers.  There are so many great features to this website.  There is a section on readers theater, authors book trailers and tips for making book trailers with students.  You can find trailers on newly released books.

   Under special features there is information on book trailers and the common core, research on the value of making book trailers, battle of the book information, and literacy lessons for school librarians.

  Since the sub title is "Spotlighting Books for Kids and Teens" , you can just start introducing this site to your students to help them find great books that they want to read!

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