Friday, April 19, 2013

Orgamizing Your Office - Part 4

      Labeling is another great way to stay organized. When I had a proper office,  I think I labeled everything in site. Why did I do that?
     Well, with a very busy fixed scheduled over 600 students ( whose names I remembered   by giving them assigned seats when they came to class) , the rest of my brain was useless for where supplies were located.
      I labeled notebooks, shelves, and file cabinets. On my covered shelves , I labeled each door : what supplies and other items were inside.  ( Curriculum books, lesson plans, much used catalogs,  puppets, and av supplies)

     My file cabinets were also labeled on the outside. That way , with a listing, I could  have one of my aides file materials that needed to be filed,( Folders, catalogs, lessons completed, reports, and other items that I would need filed.

    Out in the library, my labeling always continues. By the circulation desk, I continue to label / or have a listing of what is  where. This is very helpful  , because I can tell an aide or student: "the glue sticks are in the blue bin."   Having labels  makes everything quick and easy for me .

   The book shelves are also labeled . This assists with shelving and also with pointing out to students when they are looking for books.

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