Monday, April 22, 2013

Organizing Library materials

     Normally books and materials in libraries are organized on the shelves by collection and classification. You may also have a Reference section and a periodical/magazine section.  Sections For audio visuals, listening kits, and cd's may depend  on the amounts  in each category. You may have then placed together or you may have each in its own collection and area.

     If you have books in demand- lets say you are doing a special  program ( Caldecott Challenge, Battle of the books, specialized classroom reference project, display or theme) you may want to pull out the books and isolate them from the regular collection. Place those books and resources in an easily accessible location for ease of use for both student, patron, and staff use.

   Shelving is done every day.  checking shelves of relocated items is also recommended,again depending on the length of the special program or theme.  Why is this important?

   It is important that patrons, students, or staff will be able to trace items form the catalog to the shelf.  To be able to find books / information quickly  is the the usual trade mark of a good library system

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