Friday, April 26, 2013

Organizing Your Office - Part 5

   Note Books for  Organizing

     I am a big fan of using three ring binders for organizing papers and materials needed on a day to day basis.  Every years I devised a plan book that goes along with y schedule for the year.. It is put in my main notebook which I use every day/ In this same notebook I keep a variety of papers and other items that I refer to on a daily basis.

    Another note book has records for ILL ( Inter library loans) and magazine/periodical records.  A large note book - which will soon be divided into two notebooks- is the common core standards.  In another note book I have my library curriculum for the different grade levels that I teach. A project I would like to do is put all lessons and worksheets for each grade level into a three ring binder, probably by grade level

    A current  large project is the yearly budget and the work  that goes with it.  This is in another labeled  binder. I keep handy the last years binder  to refer to.

     All my binders are labeled on the spine and of course on the front. I use tab dividers when I need too to keep all papers in the proper subject/ topic area. My binders are next to my work/circulation desk.  They can be pulled out and items found at a moments notice.  This binder system keeps me organized and my desk neat!

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