Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wired Wednesday- Technology Tools

   Quizlet is a site that allows students and teachers to  search  already designed learning sets( Flash card type games). These sets help students ( and adults) learn just about anything. Most  importantly they make learning fun  by using the technology of our computers.
   You can browse by many subject categories: Arts ; Literature, Languages &Vocabulary, Math & Sciences, History & Geography, and Standardized Tests ( AP classes, Sat's, GRE's,  Professional tests for college students )
   There are six different study modes using Quizlet's  flash cards( flash cards, speller,learn, scatters test, space race) to use to help students study in learn many different topics.
  The other option if you can't find your desired topic is to design your own  learning set.   There are also Brain training games that help you train your brain to be better preforming.  This site has a lot to offer to help students become better learners.

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