Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wired Wednesday

    Microsoft Photo Story is an free site that lets you create  photo presentations  to save as a video file.  It is easy to use with a step by step tutorial to help you  make your stories/ presentations.
   It is as easy as dragging  the photos/ illustrations that you want in the order that you want them.
There are easy editing tools that allow you to change the size, fix the colors and other ways to fix your photos. 
  You can check the slide show and also put in as many photos as you want.
   You can also make a sound track- have not figured that out yet! But I am guessing it will not be difficult.   The story is saved in WVM format  .
    I can see this being using by teachers to teach many subject areas. I can also see students using this to create their own stories , using either photos or their own illustrations. It will be a great tool to encourage students to write , edit, and produce their own stories!

Microsoft Photo Story 3

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