Friday, May 24, 2013

Creating Digial Portifolios with students

        A Digital Portfolio is a  purposeful collection of student work that shows the student's  personal   growth and espansion of knowledge and skills over the the course of the year  in a digital   format.
       The digital portfolio allow studetns, teachers and parents to see some of the actual work the   studnet did during the year.  Teachers and students decide on what to put into   the portfolios . The portfolio is an actual fille put on a webstie, Cd,   or zip drive.
     On a digital protoflio there will  be  an organized collection of  projects, articles, reviews,  and lessons  that  students  have done  that demostrate what the student has sccomplished during the school year. .   Each portfolio  organization depends on the student and the amount of information that is placed into the portfolio and the type of file that it is placed in.
      A Digitla portfolio is also one of the best ways for students to show thier knowleged of the use of technology and how it is applied to school and everyday life. In the years to come  this will be important to both students, teachers, employers and workers.
      Now on to find the best way to present Digital Portfolios  with students!

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