Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More On Blogging

   There are more reasons for using blogs in your library or classroom.  A blog provides more communication between students , teachers, and even the  community.

    Blogging is a tool for online storage and students can compare notes on a certain topic, or book.     Comments can be made , annotations of books read, and insights on group projects can be given. Pod casts can be put in blogs, photos, and videos can add student interest.  All this adds up to students wanting to be included in the blogs work.

     One of the first things to do  before starting a class blog or student blogs is to get permission form the school board, administration and parents.  This is especially true if you want students to have their own blogs.
     .The benefits of blogging can be seen as students progress in their posts on the blogs.  Peer editing is a great tool to help students improve many writing skills. Posting comments, and writing posts , students are motivated to be writers and readers.  They begin top care about spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

    A library blog is a great way to introduce the students and staff of your school to the world of blogging.  Think about the advantages and how it will help you library and  your readers.


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