Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Should you Blog?

     As a school librarian and educator , you should seriously consider blogging. Why? By blogging, you stay connected to both educators and students. A blog specific to your library is a great way to advocate and promote the power of the library and its services and programs.
     By blogging, posting, photos (  365 Project- see May 1, 2013) , videos, and slide shows you can show library life, student work and projects, and what activities / programs that are going on at your library.

     Hopefully, students and staff will be reading the blog and writing/responding to different posts. Invite students and staff to do guest post on research, project's, web tool,  or books they have read. By hosting the students works , more and more students, staff, parents, and the community will be seeing what is happening at your library.
    Blogging builds a connected community of readers and learners. Bogs are used  by many as a literacy and learning tool: read posts, write comments, and access useful information. In the contents of theses activities, many skill can be learned and reinforced.

    Blogs open us the world to students allowing them to share and motivating their  writing to new levels and letting them voice their opinions.
 So start your blogs and get your students and staff involved!

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