Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wired Wednesday- Tech Tools

    Livebinders. com is an easy way to organize and a great tool for digital  portfolios . Once students log in, they can upload their work ( documents, links, illustrations, and pod casts) , and then be able to share with their parents and the community.  Livebinder is a free tool, so everyone can sign up for their own page.

   Documents  are organized just like a three ring binder so there are tabs and sub tabs. Students can add images they have created ( photographs, illustrations to stories, and reports, art works, documents in PDF formats, videos, and podcast they have made. Also they will be able to include, links to wikii's, or blogs can be places in their livebinder.

   The organization tool cane be edited / changed at any time. Students can show parents  on computers  or laptops or even a smart board if needed for a student/ parent conference.

   LiveBinder organizes educational materials online and is easily assessable. It helps make organizing  and sharing easy.   But don't just use livebinder for student digital portfolios- use it to help organize your resources in the library. The possibilities are endless- you can organized curriculum , plan book, common core materials, policy & procedures  and lessons all on one livebinder!!

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