Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wired Wednesday - Techology Tools

       Paige Jaeger is the School Library Coordinator for WSWHE BOCES , NY.. which covers many counties.  This is a huge area!  She  is the author of  which is a great place to learn about the most current issues of school librarians.
      You will find this site that she has hosted to have a wealth of information  and ideas on advocacy for school librarians. 
  Currently  there is an inforgraph that would be helpful for showing all the different tasks and activities that school librarians do on a daily basis.  There are posts on Common Core and Information Literacy. Other posts discuss readability, reading levels, and complexity of text. There are charts and graphs on measuring reading.
      There are blog posts that discuss the need for research as it helps students build and share new knowledge. Also you will find links to Paige's books and articles. Some are direct links to the  actual articles that she has had published in library journals.  
   Check her link to Scoop it- they are very interesting!!   So check out this blog to keep up to date and learn something new!

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