Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Ideas for Book Lovers!

        I'm looking at other opportunities and challenges for librarians and book lovers.  One of the companies I am looking at is Barefoot Books. This is sort of like tupperware for book lovers and children's  books! The ambassadors host parties, attend street fairs, do fund rasing  all to sell books and educational books for children and to promote literacy and the love of reading!

      Actually ,if you  have ever seen any of the BareFoot Books , you will find them to be have high quality books with  interesting titles , especailly to the younger set of students.   The online catalog has titles and games with a variety of topcis and a global perspective.
     The reason I am doing this is becasue my position as elemetnatry librarian has been eliminated.  Two teachers assistants will run the the two elemetatry librariaes in the building that I was in.  Go figure- with the Common Core and the  need for  non-fiction,, and text complenity  and the need for students to become career and college ready.

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