Monday, June 3, 2013

Staff Development

     As school librarians, we need to become leaders in our schools. We ( along with administrators) are the professionals that have the overall snapshot of the school community’s instruction and curriculum. Work now with your administrators to set up a schedule for staff development for the next school year.

     One of the first staff development workshops that you can do during teacher conference days is an Orientation to the data bases that your school has. This will give everyone a push to get the teachers thinking about which ones they can use with their students. At this time, offer to help classes learn how to use databases or mention that they can be used when the classes are doing research, guided inquiry or non-fiction texts.

     During the year, listen to staff and see what they need as far as staff development. Is there a grade level that wants to infuse more technology? Set up a date and time for them to go through some of the Web 2.0 tools that you know how to use.

     Some more ideas for staff development: e-sources, primary sources, information literacy skills, streaming video sites for your state- show them how helpful they can be, digital projects, inquiry based learning, and resources for the common core.

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