Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Media Literacy Skills- A Collaborative Project !

      Internet access has accelerated both the amount of information and the types of web based / integrated tools that students  need  to showcase what information they have learned.  Students that are ready for college or career need to  be able to analyze and showcase what they have learned.
      Students ready for college or career training needed  the ability to critically analyze and evaluate the information acquired . They need to figure out if the information is what is needed, and how they can use it.
    Schools need to teach students how  to use the media as  tools  to help them in these tasks. Having Media Skills  provides students the ability to use the tools to advance their knowledge gand their critical  thinking skills.
   Ideally , library media specialists and teachers collaborating on lessons is the best way to provide students with Media literacy skills. The librarian provides the resources (print, electronic, databases) and helping students with web based interactive tools ( glogster, wallwisher, livebinder, ect)

    These tools and resource's are engaging and interactive. Add to that teachers  need to be encouraging students with content area information and engaging students in higher level thinking skills of content area.
With a collaborative aim and help with assessment , the librarian becomes a big player in the students learning how to use media and its tools effectively.

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