Thursday, July 11, 2013

Motivational Reading Programs- Middle and Secondary

   There is still the need at both the middle and secondary level to host reading motivation programs. They will probably look completely different than the ones you see at the elementary level . Promoting reading  for  students  is still a priority for any librarian  at the school and public level.

    One of the best ways for middle school promotions is the Battle of the Books. Students can choose groups to work with. After reading the required books students are tested / quizzed about details from the books. This can be done in several rounds in a Jeopardy style  program or can also be done on a monthly basis with written questions.  Scores are posted . A final round provides winners.

     This also provides the opportunity for teams to compete with other school winners . This really highlights reading as a collaborative and competitive "sport."

     Another   reading motivation challenge is a promotion by YA author Kay Cassidy:"The Great Scavenger Hunt"  Every month  she chooses  a lucky winner  to get a Barnes and Noble card . If the student wins then their library also wins a bundle of books .
    There is a list of books and the trivia challenge questions on the her site:


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