Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teachers and Librarains: Using Digital Tools / Media

     Both teachers and librarians should become comfortable using the new technology tools/ Why?? 
Students are more engaged and involved when using technology tools.

     How do you start?  Well I hope you are moving along in your goal for learning at least two tech tools this summer. ( Remember I said -don't stop at just two- when you have mastered two do two more!)

   Hopefully you will have the ability to display screen shots from your computer to a smart or white board in your classroom.  Start each new unit by displaying a variety of internet resources, databases and tools relative to that topic. Show the students how to determine if the information is accurate and reliable.

   Compare search and information from different search engines , websites, and library resources. Discuss differences information and layout and ease of use.

    By doing this you will show students up to date , accurate information . Having engaging tools, and instructing then using the tools will help them acquire the information and  inspire them to become lifelong learners.

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