Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visual Literacy and Primary Resources

        As librarians and teachers , engage students with pure content and show them how to be more visually aware. You can do this by using primary resources to add to and support  text book resources. 

         Find in your data bases and other online sources  photography, letters,  documents and possible recordings  . Use these images to engage and inspire students to learn  more about the topic at hand.

        Have students make observations about the images , allow them to interpret what they see and also  have them draw conclusions about what is happening .( Critical thinking skills come alive!)  Use primary sources as writing prompts,0r research prompts.  Highlight  scientists, inventors,   and other famous persons. Each subject area has famous people: artists, mathematicians, and writers, use the primary sources to have students learn about them.
        Each subject area teacher ( not just history)  can find using primary sources  helpful in inspiring students to become visual learners,

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