Monday, August 19, 2013

Best websites for teaching and learning- how do you choose?

     Librarians are asked constantly for recommendation of the best website for teachers to use with students.  When keeping up with the newest sites this is the place to go . A great source that will save you time and effort is the AASL( American Association of School Librarians) site which names the top 25!
   I found this awhile ago  and would like to explore each and every tech tool. So far I have done a few but not all..  The site provides descriptions and learning standards in 6 different categories. You can easily find formats and tools that will help students build and expand their knowledge and provide engaging ways to increase the desire to learn.
   The curriculum collaboration section  helps when teachers ask about content websites.  There are lists of past years best sites , so all in all this is a great place to bookmark , refer to, and dive in to each site to see how it will be useful to your students and teachers.


  Actually , if you have never explored  AASL there is a lot of information here that  you may find very helpful. So check out this site  to find some great internet tools and resources.!!

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