Thursday, August 15, 2013

Choosing the Right Resouces - Part 3

    Electronic resources are found on the computer and are categorized by subject areas. Most are usually accessible on the web both  on site ( school or public library) and most times at home. Many districts provide log in and passwords for in home use.
   The most common electronic resources are data bases, directories, and  catalogs. Use of theses resources help students obtain skills using topics/ subtopics, keywords/ phrases local arrangements ,, indexes and maps.
  The information in electronic resource's is instant . The formats of the data bases are both easy to use and provide challenging complexity. Information of course is provided by experts in their field.

  Most high schools and public libraries provide electronic resources on their website. Even many elementary schools are instructing  students to use these databases as a quick way to access needed information.  Student use of these  resources provides quick information  that is accurate .

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