Thursday, August 29, 2013

New School Year-- keeping organized- Your Desk

  The new school year is upon us. Are you ready??   The desk is the one great place to start whether you are starting a new year or just want to refocus on organizing  and being efficient.  What is on your  desk? 

   There is always the question also  whether your desk is the main circulation desk and your work desk or perhaps you are lucky enough to have an office  and a desk also in there.

    But key in on the place ( desk ) where you spend the most time and do the most work . Do you have the tools that you need there to complete the most pressing tasks.  If you do not , then take the time to consider what you need  and then Get the Supplies You Need  to complete the tasks. Then you will not to jump up , and get the items you need.

  Some ideas on what you might need at your desk to complete your  tasks:

  pencils / pens
  lined paper
  manila folders/ file holder
  zip drive ( for techies)\Is your computer on your desk at all times?)
  daily period schedule ( for school librarians)
  in/out basket ( for mail , announcements, routing)
  post it notes / small paper  
  plan book ( school librarians)]
  daily planner ( public)

   Set up your items on a cleared off space. You will determine which of these items you will use . If you try something and you find you do not need it then eliminate it. The best way to work a systems is to use tools that help you get the job done!

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