Thursday, October 31, 2013

Promotion of Public Libraries

         The key to promote and change the image of the public library and marketing its services is to change the standard library vocabulary to something more catching , attractive and useful to patrons.

        How do we do that? Can prek story time become a class or workshop?  ( Parents and guardians will see the benefits of something more educational and informational)  Any program can be called a class , workshop, or seminar.

       Circulation  procedures can be called customer serve. The librarian will have the job of being the program developer,  library manager, instructor,  team leader or research specialist.   As librarians we need to adapt our library specific works that do  not really connect to our patrons.  We can replace many  terms to show more educational and community goals. We want to show a more educational , community focus that patrons will be able to view as necessary  and beneficial. 

       Use terms that draw patrons in  to the library to use the resources  and programs.   Think  of vocabulary that includes more community and educational  focus instead of  older terms will help the community have a new view of the library.

       Begin today to think of and use new vocabulary to advertise, promote and  describe your library  and the programs you provide to the patrons.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Promotion of Public Libraries

   How can public libraries become more than just recreation reading and viewing?  The key answer  is education.
  Education is at the core of the 21st century.   As we closely align pubic libraries with education , we can  bring  many benefits to our users and the libraries.
  As libraries , whether school or public we need to improve services, enhance out image and be supportive to students and patrons.
  We  need to be aware  of members of society and provide means for children and adults to succeed personally and financially. We need to become essential to all.
   The way to become essential to all is tor provide education support  that cannot be cut.   One step is to  provide directed education( books, materials, DVD's, electronic journals_ anything people can use on their own.
  The second part is providing assistance and instruction. This can be done individual or in small groups. Courses will be for all ages.  Think story hour, summer reading, classes in on line resources.
  The third part is having instructive and enlightening experience . Thank author visits, book discussions, poetry slams, craft days, and workshops for adults./( bread making, writers groups, knitting groups, chess / game days).
   Libraries should be educational and bring people of all ages in the community together.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why we need Librarians and Libraries

    Libraries( school, academic, and public) are a place for education, self help, ad pleasure. Libraries bring access to all, depending on who they serve.
     Americans check out almost 2 Billion items every year. What do they check out? We  go to libraries to get books,  to borrow DVD's, and other items ( Kindles, nooks, laptops). We also go to the library to learn new computer and technology skills , and to learn more about job skills and job searches.

   The librarian at whatever library  you choose can guide  you to find the one answer you need. With a web search, you may find many answers  with more time invested. As time goes one, more services will in in greater demand at all libraries.

     Libraries are the solution in this poor economy. Free access to books and materials, online resources for individuals, resources for businesses and encouraging life long learning are part of the libraries goals and mission. As more and more Americans look for jobs, libraries are helping to level the playing fields for many job seekers.
    Public libraries support job seeker with databases and classes. School libraries  support students with information and Web 2.0 skills. Whenever the the economy is poor, Library  use is up.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Routines at the Public Library!

  In my new position as library branch manager, I have  three floors of an old bank building that is my library.  The top floor has been redone ( it used to be used by Masons). It is beautiful ! They restored almost most everything to the original  condition. It is still a work in progress.
  Any way I am developing ( with the help of Library Director) library routines that help us  begin each morning and close each night. With three floors there is a lot to cover!
   One of the most important items  heat and light. I am establishing a check list with the staff so that all items will completed at the beginning and closing of each day.   I think I will do a three column page with items that can be checked off  or noted when done. Does any one else have opening and closing procedures? Would you share?   
  I am sure there are many public library's that are bigger than mine , so please share what you do!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Digital literacy for Public Librarians-Why

    Digital literacy means the ability to locate, evaluate , and use digital information. The ability to recognize what information is needed and when to use it are also important components of digital literacy.   Using a wide range of technologies effectively is also important to the adult community( computer, mobile devices, blogs, twitter, facebook , youtube).
    Without access to the internet , adults can't develop digital literacy. Without digital literacy, patrons will not gain maximum benefit from online resources. Being digital literate will also help adults and seniors procure a job in today's job market.
    Training provided by the public libraries to adult patrons is an important service.  Offering a variety of technology training is key .
   Some public libraries have informal assistance , one on one sessions, formal tech training classes and online training materials. This training help adults  to  have skills to join or rejoin the workforce. Some libraries also provide  access to job databases and job opportunity resources,  There may also be provision for civil service materials.
  Many libraries offer other resources to help them with resumes and interviews. Additionally librarians may have staff to help patrons complete online job applications.
   In providing Digital literacy services and classes , the public library help create a skilled and knowledgeable workforce able to meet the technology of the 21st century.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pubic Librarians & Digital Literacy

        I am in my new position as branch library manager. It is exciting and just a bit different from  the school, moslty being the patrons and the computer systems. We have three libraries in three towns that are close to each other. The three branches support the one merged school.
        A big part of this library system is the offering to the public internet acdcess and educational services toward Digital Literacy. We have classs given by computer specilaist in using the cojmputer, an employment series, and onlien data base classes, among others ( Cuponing is one I want to take!)
       Public librarians play a major role in bringing the adult patorn up to speed on the newest technology and helping them get used to the 'new' computers.
       There are still many patrons and families that do not have computers and interent access in their homes.  So our library is providing digital literacy to those who do not have the measn  to afford it.  So both the school and public library are great equalizers by providing these services.,
What types of programs does your public library have for bring adult patrons up to speed?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What should libraries look like today?

    Visualize your up to date library. What should it look like?   You are probably part way there already.   There should be a lot of activity  virtually .  Most , but not all, library activity is online with resources and activities on websites and databases.   In schools and public library, there is a lot of focus on extending physical offerings to being online.

   So here is what I am thinking-  you see patrons and students using the computers or lap tops or Ipads to search the web , use databases, read eBooks, work together on projects,  use the library website to search for books use social media to connect with other, look at online lessons and tutorials.

  Of course you know that I have been blogging about so many websites, blog, and web 2.0 tools  that you can show students , and encourage them also  use all the library has to offer.

  As a librarian , it is your job to make sure the student and patron have the resources that they need and want to use.  Fight for the students and the patrons so they can have the most  up to date

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why should librarians teach technology?

  As librarians, public, academic, and school, we need to be teaching technology. Will that be taking away of our love of books?  No way- it should enhance our love of books, reading, and learning!

  Technology is changing the roles and responsibility's of librarians. Librarians need to be information literate are and then they need to up to speed on the new technology. Why? Because that is the way the world is going and we need to go with it. We need to help patrons know about how to keep up with all of the newest technology and how to get the latest information.  There are a variety of formats that knowledge and information come in.  We want to help all generations be effective users of ideas and information,
 Librarians are a place now of not just print materials, they are filled with electronic mediums that give up to date and accurate information.   Students and 20-30 somethings often prefer getting their information and recreation from non- print sources. you can tell by just watching as they walk around with their phones, tablets, and ipads

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mystery Websites For October ( or anytime)

   Some websites to add to your mystery quest!


       This site has online mysteries , mystery games, short story mysteries, books and resources, kids mysteries and information   on authors. There is also information on best selling and top mystery authors,

   Although not a current active website , there is lots of read and learn about mysteries here, A new blog has grown from this site called

   Mystery Readers International has links to journal articles reading groups, mystery periodicals ., mystery book stores, and reviews of books.  There  are also links to a blog called "Mystery Fanfare"


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mysteries in October!

       Mystery books and stories are a good theme for the month of October.  In my new position of Branch Manger of a branch library in a small town, we have a WHOLE room filled with mysteries!!
I am amazed at our collection  of mysteries. This room is adult mysteries , but in a school you could pull the mysteries to display them or shelve them in section or on some shelves if you have the room.

     How can you promote mysteries?   In a school situation you could make a brief slide show to highlight some  your best- add a short description ( oral or written) . Show it on a ongoing monitor or attach it to your website or blog . 

    Have a contest- have patrons write reviews, make a pod cast review, draw an illustration from the book, make a book poster or vote for their favorite mystery.  I think most of these would work with both adults or students.