Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why should librarians teach technology?

  As librarians, public, academic, and school, we need to be teaching technology. Will that be taking away of our love of books?  No way- it should enhance our love of books, reading, and learning!

  Technology is changing the roles and responsibility's of librarians. Librarians need to be information literate are and then they need to up to speed on the new technology. Why? Because that is the way the world is going and we need to go with it. We need to help patrons know about how to keep up with all of the newest technology and how to get the latest information.  There are a variety of formats that knowledge and information come in.  We want to help all generations be effective users of ideas and information,
 Librarians are a place now of not just print materials, they are filled with electronic mediums that give up to date and accurate information.   Students and 20-30 somethings often prefer getting their information and recreation from non- print sources. you can tell by just watching as they walk around with their phones, tablets, and ipads

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