Thursday, November 21, 2013

Office Organizing at my Desk

   I am still organizing in my new office . I think I have gotten it how I would like it.  Now I am making sure that I can find what I need to at the drop of a hat.   This is my side  cabinet and I have used the top to serve as a host for my most used items. 
  On the top I have my 'famous' notebooks which I put out to grab , one is my daily use organizer notebook, a notebook for my budget items, and one for policies and procedures.   I also have an  in box and a to file box.  Next to that are items filed vertically which I use on a daily basis. Two I have marked with items for the director , and items to take care of. I also have my folder with book suggestions.  I have plain file folders and a place for interlibrary envleopes to  send items needed along the way.


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