Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Public Library Blog- librarianbyday.net

   Bobbi Newman at Librarianbyday.net  is a public librarian  who has been blogging since 1999.   As an ALA Councilor-At Large, and also on several advisory boards she is a busy lady.  She has designed some interesting projects which you can read about on her blog. Two that I can't wait to delve into: This is what a librarian looks like, and Library Day In the life.

   On her site you will find a variety of posts on issues for public librarians. There are many categories: Best Practices, Books- Read this, Customer  Service, & digital literacy( just to name a few). They are interesting and provide a lot of food for thought and change for you and your library.

  I plan to really dive right in here and get a lot of insight for my new position as library branch manager. There are posts on training for managers and  a youtube segment that I think looks really helpful.

   Does any one have any favorite blogs- whether you are a school or public librarian?  I just think they are so helpful!

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