Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reader's Advisory's - How do they work?

     Reader's Advisories work  in many different ways and views.  Most of the time there a conversation focusing on the readers likes and dislikes.  There may be a discussion on reading level, genre, style of writing, and perhaps characters, storylines and setting.

   Hopefully after the discussion, the advisor, can help the patron by suggesting books to be read.  "Readalikes: which focuses on a similar genre or author's style is one great way to proceed when helping patrons.

   The goal is to suggest titles, or authors, based on the patrons individual interests and tastes.  While we may suggest our favorites, we have to keep in mind to hone in on the patrons interests, otherwise we are not being at all helpful.

   You may ask the patron to describe a book they have read and enjoyed. Have them focus on not just the plot so much, but the elements of the book that they found appleaing and interesting.  The advisor draws on on personal knowledge of their collections or by checking the  online catalog. The librarian advisor may also suggest titles that point readers in a new venue or genre.

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