Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Internet Resources for Readers Advisories- Ficiotn_L

     There are many Internet  resources for Readers Advisories. As I discover them I will pass along the ones I find are best for both school and public libraries.   Many of the Internet resources are really amazing with the amount of information that they contain.

   FictionL  is found on the Morton Grove Public Library ( Illinois) site.   This is an electronic  mailing list where librarians can ask and answer questions relating to providing readers advisories to patrons.,  It is intended for use by librarians and leaders of book discussions, but anyone can subscribe to it if they want.

   There are many topics that is contained with this link: book discussions, book talks, issues on collection development , book lists, and bibliographies. n   There are many topics discussed here . Some additional items  are audio books, reading clubs, and print and electronic resources.

  Once you get on here , you will find  this a valuable tool. Especially if you have a question about a title, give them a clue and they will come up the title that you are looking for  it with an obscure  item from the book.

  There is an archive   of all Ficiotn_L postings back to the beginning. There is a search form enabling librarians and patrons to search  a topic of interest .   There are book lists  made available for use by librarians and patrons.   You can find lists of : genres, character, setting, subject, author, audience,  and miscellaneous.    I am looking forward to using this my self and also letting my clerks and patrons know how easy it is to use.


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