Thursday, December 12, 2013

New York Public Library- blog for librarians

    I n looking for blogs for public and school librarians , I happened across  The New York Pubic library's website, which has a link to quite a few blogs that are done by staff.  Why In have never been on their website is now a wonder to me!  There is so much there to see and explore. I am going to go back and explore some more because I think there is a lot  of information that I can use in my new position as library manager:  book lists,  reviews
   When you get to the site, look at the tabs on the top and click on Explore.  That will give you a drop down box and there you will find the link for the blogs.   You can select posts of channel or subject . Now these have a variety of topics, some will highlight up and coming programs. Many of these programs are past, but you will see what they  had and it may help give you some ideas for your library and your programs.
  The blogs  that are listed are very interesting and helpful, and provide a variety of topics that are educational for both librarians and patrons. The blogs cover a range of topics and are written by experts in their fields ,of which most are employed by the New York Public library.

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