Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Readers Advisory- Indirect

   In the last couple of posts, I have talked about Readers Advisory's.  But we can also indirectly advise and advance students and patrons reading .Some patrons and students might actually prefer this indirect way to direct conversations.

    Here are some simple indirect readers advisories;

1. Displays of certain genres- with a slogan "Looking for a Good Book?"

2. Reading Guides( If you liked_____(an author or genre) then try these!) the student or patron can pick it up on their own ad read it with out speaking or asking a librarian or reader's advisor.

3. Annotated Book lists- again the patron can read brief blurbs about books. Our library provides a monthly list of new titles this way.

4. Book Marks- This is another indirect way to show books in a specific genre,

5. Staff recommendations. Display or list what the library staff is currently reading .This makes it way for staff and patrons.

  Where should we have these displays or lists? How about near the entrance of the library , in high traffic areas, at the end of stacks , or other areas where people congregate or meet. This is where patrons and students will see the displays and are more likely to catch a quick book to read. These books on display usually circulate quickly.

 So if you are new to readers advisory, this may be the way to start!

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