Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Value of lists! ( Master Lists )

       I find that Master lists ( of to do's ) and Daily lists help me greatly in getting  task and activities done on a daily and weekly basis.    I try to keep my lists in sight as I go about my daily routines , whether I am at work or at home.

      The reason I do this is because it really helps me stay organized and focused on what I need to do.  I also use my lists  and prioritize   the tasks on them.   I use a simple  way to tag the activities I must do.

      When  I put lists on paper ( or on the computer- but I feel paper is better for me , because then I can SEE the list) I will delegate a letter- A most important,  B  and C. That's where I stop( as far as letters go)

     Another idea that I like to do with my Master list is to make two columns : one for most important things I NEED to do, and a second column of things I WANT to do.   I also place due dates on items that have a complete by date so I know when I must be done.

    Also on my Master lists I will put do by dates if I have them. This way I can focus on what is most important.
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