Friday, January 31, 2014

Wow Library- Interactive Library Webstie

  WowLibrary is a new tool that can be used by libraries ( Mostly public)   to encourage their readers.  This site  provides libraries  with a weekly email or rss feed  on the library's newest books.   This site showcases the latest arrivals and lets patrons scan through  titles to see what is new.

  Patrons and readers can sign in using their email to see if their library participates in this service.  Librarians who want to have this service can ask Friends  groups or other community groups to sponsor WowLibrary so that users can be in touch with  the latest at the library.  ( The fee depends on the number of patrons affiliated with the library.)

  This service makes the library more visible. The newsletter that is sent out weekly can be customized easily.  It can include links to reviews, previews, and the catalog. It also allows librarians to feature upcoming events and programs.

Check on WowLibrary to see samples of what the weekly email looks like.  The e-newsletter shows covers, descriptions , and ratings. Patrons can visit the newsletter and then link to place items on hold. There are about 20 top choices. The site also directs patrons to additional pages of new items.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Publicity for Public Library Programs

  When  we are thinking  of publicity for the library and its programs , we need to  be customer ( patron) orientated.  We are selling the library and its programs.

  Our goal is to get the word out about the library in general or on a specific programs.  We need to deliver a clear message about what is new and exciting .

  Our  focus should be on  free ways to promote and inform  the public . 

Some ideas to consider:

1. Establish  favorable press relations with the local media so as to get news of the library and programs out on a regular basis,  ( Think daily, weekly newspapers and publications- shoppers, arts news, , also local radio stations)

2. Represent the library by participating in community groups, planning committees,  and other organizations  to establish the library as a player in community  growth.

3. Develop an identity and image. ( Think Logo,  slogan)   Communicate  library goals  and  mission to the community. Know what you have to offer and continually  be on the look out for ways to  tell / show/  what the library can do for the community!

  This is an important topic, so I will continue to think about library publicity  , learn more, and write more,
  What are your ideas on libraries and publicity? I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shelfari- another 'Social Media " site for book lover and librarians

   Shelfari is another social media site for book lovers.  This is another free site so explore and enjoy!  Registered users can create a virtual book shelf of books read, discover new books to read, and connect with friends and other readers.

  There are several featured lists each day which are created by readers. Also there is a list of  posted  books that are selected by Shelfari's staff.  The site encourages members to share their favorites on the site.  It is a gathering place for  readers, and authors. Many tools are provided  to incite members to connect with others.

   Just a note, Amazon acquired this site in 2008.  It is based in Seattle and was originated in October 2006.

   There are easy to use and very detailed instructions on using Shelfari.  Once you go through these , you can easily maneuver  through out the site and find many interesting things to read and do.  

Tabs to click on Shelfari are a good way to fin d out everything that is on there.  ( Featured, Most popular, Recent reviews, subjects) .  As a librarian , I like to browse reviews and comments about many genres and types of books.
  There is also a tab that features series you may not have heard of. Also there is a 'Best  of" list  and they feature new and popular authors.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Using your To Do List- Managing your list

     Be reasonable when you are preparing both your master list and your daily to do list.  If your list has items like file files, clean your desk, plan for next week, (month, year), you may become frustrated  and resort to not getting anything accomplished.

    Your list should only contain those tasks and projects that you can truly hope to complete within the given time frame of the list.

  One way to avoid frustration is to identify between routine tasks , activities, and projects. Tasks are small items and jobs are done a regular basis. Projects are a bigger  picture in that they have a desired end goal  in mind.

   Most projects ( if large enough) should be broken down into manageable chunks of activities and tasks.  Lets say your Annual Report is due. Some tasks may be collecting data, organizing photos, compiling information from monthly reports, collecting stats from staff members. Each of the those requirements can be placed on your to do list with a competed by date.

    Make you to do list with some goals/finished projects in mind., You may also have routine tasks / activities and then also steps to one or more projects,  This will keep you on track with your larger projects and you will see each  day and week what you have accomplished in then big picture. 

   Remember , your to do list will help you focus and keep you on track. it is a tool , use it that way.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Good Reads- a great tool for librarians

   Have you seen GoodReads?   It is another 'Social Media '  site for book lovers and librarians.  This can be another useful tool to help librarians and patrons  find more good books to read.   Check it out if you haven't seen this one already!

  Those who are registered can check out what their friends are reading and also get an idea of what to read next. There are also ideas of 'read a likes " that are very helpful.

  Good Reads has a great selection  and you can search and browse by many different genres. There are also trivia  games, quizzes  on books and quotes from authors.

   As a librarian, I love the Good Read Choice awards. I use it when I am preparing book lists for buying what people/ patrons really  want to read.  It is a full website. You can see reviews  and ratings of books which are very helpful.  There is also opportunity to join discussion groups, start a book club, and post your own writing.

   Good Reads helps Patrons track their reading and find good books to read, There are also book give aways  and other prizes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Managing your To Do List

   Okay, you have your to do list or master list.  Does seeing all those items make you a little uncomfortable?:  Use this tricks then,: Look at the list to see if there are some tasks that will not take a long time to complete ( I call this Batching- see The Organized Librarian)

   Take 15 to 20 minutes to complete theses task. Then you can feel wonderful about crossing them off your list. This can include routine weekly items( return emails, make phone calls, water plants, check recycling, do over due list, mark papers, ect)

   Now if you have some bigger projects - what to do? Date them with a time when they need to be completed.  Another I like to do bigger projects is to a) work with the end in mind and b) break the project into a series of tasks ( again   described in The Organized Librarian).

 In this way I can place several tasks foreach project  on a day when I know I have time to work on it.   Put them on your master list first. Then when each task  and project is done you can cross it off both lists and you are one step further  to completing your project.

  You may also note that some tasks never get done nor crossed off. It never achieves priority, Is is important or urgent? Is it something you think you should do? It is something you think someone should do/ Decide if really belongs on your list- Could it be given to your assistant?  Could it be dropped all together? Could it postponed to a later date?

  Your do do list helps bring order to your schedule. it also helps you focus on what needs to be done- what is important to you and to your position   when you can cross items off you will see  exactly what you have accomplished!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Library Thing

    Do you know Library Thing?  If you don't then it's time to check it out.  Library thing is a cataloging and social network site for book lovers.

   Library Thing can help you do lots of things if you are a book lover. You can enter books you own, books you have read, books you want to read, or create / join a group .

    You can contribute reviews, ratings of books, and add or create tags for books. Participate in members  forums.   Library Thing connects people based on book genres, It is almost like an online book club.

    Library Thing and its members provide recommendations for books.  Type in a titles and you can find  which members have read a book and what they think of it.  If you are ready, you can even go on links and have book conversations.

    If you want to 'talk' there is a page that lists all the groups that cover books or topics you may be interested in, When you talk you can read what others think and also post you what you think about the books or topics.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Booklist online- advisory source and book reviews!

  Another great resource for both readers advisories and book reviews is Booklist online. Yes it is one and the same - from the journal Booklist!   And it is from the experts - ALA! So this site and the  journal itself is a great source for  both public and school librarians looking for  reputable reviews.

   BookListonline is a free website that offers a great selection of the Booklist content.  Plus there are many reviews of recommended reviews. Also included are some of the features written for Booklist online. If you are a subscriber to Booklist- you can obtain even more content.  But even if you are not a subscriber there are many features that are available for you to use. There are many columns, departments, and features available.

     Some things to check out on this site :  Review of the day, links to booklists from certain publishers with certain genres, links to Booklist latest articles( Latest- Editors Choices for 2013), links to blogs  from Booklsit staff and reviewers( Booklist Buzz, & Shelf Renewal ), links to current newsletters,  and links to sign up for Free Webinars!

   So check out  to find out some  great content and reviews!